The Cunningham case

1999, London
A series of despicable killings has been going on for several months.
The atrocity has a name – “John The Butcher”
The investigation was entrusted to the most experienced of all, Commissioner J. Cunningham.
It was the most complex case of his entire career.
He was getting closer by the day when he suddenly disappeared …
Now it’s your turn to investigate and find out what happened to him.
You and your team have been working with him for years.
Will you complete the investigation that it began?
Will you succeed before it is too late?
Will you find Cunningham?

Required Skills


Spirit of deduction



You are in J.Cunningham’s office.
There are many clues, some of which will be useful to you and in connection with the investigation of “John The Butcher”, others will disturb you.
Cunningham was approaching a conclusion when he disappeared.
Will you be able to finish his investigation and elucidate what happened to him?

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