« There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact »
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

You are not only a group of detectives trapped in a room full of clues, you are also the key to leave the room. It’s only up to you to build your team and succeed, all together, to solve the mystery. You only have 60 minutes. Will you get out on time?


The GetOut mind!

Leisure activity and cohesion game in Casablanca

The team investigation game in Casablanca :

The Live Escape Game GetOut ! Casablanca is done to test your skills to the cohesion and team play . During this breakout game scale , your detective insight and your team are your best allies to leave the room full of clues. To leave the room within 60 minutes have elapsed , it is necessary to build a strong team. Take the clues available , analyze them and put them in touch . From the perspective of each and every inspector ‘s opinion gradually emerge the key to the puzzle . The success of your investigation comes from the multitude of clues around you, but also from your spirit of cohesion during the game to understand the meaning and relationship of each clue.

Full immersion in this cohesion’s activity :

A scenario worthy of the best thrillers takes you into a room … where you are locked . You are 3-6 people , now detectives, who must use their ability to act as a cohesive team and to unravel the mysteries of clues left . If only one team on both solves the plot, it is also because of the stress situation in which you need to act . The master of the game is outside of the team room and sees all, hears all . It has the ability to interact with you, you provide advice , but will he do?Your only certainty from the beginning to the end of the game is the countdown 60 minutes. It is little given the magnitude of this puzzle. Will you make it in time?

An original activity to test yourself :

Get Out is the perfect recreational game team to test . This team building activity is the best choice for an original business seminar, a business group focused on cohesion or an activity with your friends.


1963 USA. A few hours after the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. You play as the vice president and his team, and just happen to be locked in the Panic Room of the White House.

1999, Scotland Yard. Commissioner J. Cunningham has just disappeared. You walk into his office and go looking for him.

Le réseau Get Out ! est signataire de la charte « Jouons en confiance » et s’engage à appliquer
un protocole sanitaire strict vous permettant de jouer dans des conditions optimales. Plus d'infos